Suicide News is about human crossings.

The nude body with all it’s fragility is shown purely and vulnerably. You can identify the person and still there is some anonymity because of the nudity and the shadows. The series shows the last station of depression. With longtime exposure I want to visualize the thoughts of the model. There are no clear lines, everything changes, goes into one another and seperates again. Doubts fill the room, becomes stronger when she moves the window open. But still I wanted to make her be seen as a strong individual, a last allegory of beauty itself before she is gone. Only a slight shadow stays in the last picture.

We all will be just a last shadow one day, fading until we are no longer there. This is also what fascinated me so much about photography: It keeps beauty for eternity.
I created Suicide Nudes from a very personal experience. In the end the series documents the process of dying, but nevertheless keeps it eternal and alive in the neverchanging pictures. For this series I used myself as a model.

— Elena Helfrecht
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Suicide Nudes I

Suicide Nudes II

Suicide Nudes III

Suicide Nudes IV

Suicide Nudes V

Suicide Nudes VI