[UPDATE] Currently we consider only-website editorials. Sorry mates, magazine will be back asap!

On Fluffer Magazine

What’s this magazine all about?

Fluffer Magazine is about contemporary nude photography. We promote the work of photographers and models. Magazine is released monthly through the magcloud.com platform, meaning it can be bought both in digital or print version.

What is Fluffer Magazine NOT about?

It’s not about boring photography!

About payments and copyright

If I submit to the magazine I will be payed?

Not at all, sorry for that.

So if I submit I will be published?

Only if the editorial staff selects your work.

Can I bribe the editorial staff?

Wish it could be possible, but no.

If I submit, do I loose the rights on my photos?

No. You always own the rights on your photos. With the submission you agree that we publish your photos on Fluffer with full credit to your work.

Will I receive a copy of the magazine?

Yes. We’ll send a digital copy to your email a day before the magazine is released. We cant’ send hard copies, cause the magazine is print-on-demand, so we really don’t have any.

About submissions

First of all: did you read our dedicated page? > Submissions

How do I submit?

Please send an email to fluffermagazine [at] gmail [dot] com

What should I submit?

We love to see photos, however best would be to submit an exclusive editorial. You can submit a portfolio of published photos, but of course the chances to be published are very low.

How many photos should I send you?

When submitting please send low res pics. Best would be not less than 6 and not more than 15.

Watermarks? Digital signature?

Really? Please no.

And once I’ve made it through…?

We’ll get in touch. We need the hi res pics (3500 pixels on the long side, jpeg is fine), full credits and links to your website and socials. Sending all through WeTransfer or SendSpace is ok.

About the website

What about the website?

After been published on the magazine we usually allow a couple of months and then publish the contents on our website.