Didi Love: from glam to fetish, but always a muse
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Floriana Blanco + Michele Battaglia

From the meeting of model Floriana Blanco — aka Didi Love — with photographer Michele Battaglia was born this series of shots in a soft light and dreamlike. The ethereal look of the model and the delicate and intimate atmosphere, also created by the whiteness of only lighter lace body suit, take us back to a past time in which eros and sexuality were almost whispered but extremely exciting.

Floriana Blanco has always been interested in photography, particularly erotic, considering eros as a vital engine and tool needed to know or simply rediscover themselves. She has posed for magazines such as Playboy, Bizarre, Marquis and GQ.com. She’s been also “muse” for artists like Dido Fontana and Saturno Buttò.

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