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Autumn is here, and while the leaves fall from trees, Fluffer Magazine #7 is out with 116 pages full of the best photographers and models!

Enjoy this trip in contemporary nude photography with Chip Willis, Luca Cassarà, Andre Moreau, Marco Pasqua, Riccardo Sirica, Marco Petroi, Klim Kutsevskyy, Massimo Gurciullo, Daniele Denaro, Bryan Carvalho, William Mark Sommer, Denise Rosato, Miele Rancido, Marianna Beatrice Cecchi, Alexandrine Gillis, Sara Lilith, Stella di plastica, Valery Lust, Alice Poggiani, Alison Guglielmetti, Gabriela Queiroz, Bianca Scott, Irene Antonioni.

Columnist: Rebecca Tillett.

Fluffer Magazine is available in pdf  version or on paper.


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